The Deadliest Chew Toy

What is Rawhide?

Yes, we are talking about Rawhide, so let’s begin by stating what rawhide actually is.

Rawhide is made from the inner layer of skin or hide of an animal, typically a cow. They go through a manufacturing process similar to the outer hide that is used to make leather. The same leather used for furniture, purses, and belts.

How is Rawhide made?

The process of separating the inner and outer layers requires some harsh chemicals. Lye is also used to help remove hair, fat, and any other tissues that are attached to the hide. This process already raises some red flags, and we are just getting started.

Once the rawhide is separated, a solution using hydrogen peroxide or bleach is applied to sanitize and whiten the hide. Whitening the hide is for our benefit, not our pets. We prefer the look of a clean crisp white rawhide to the yucky colour of it’s natural state.

From here the hides are flattened, cut, and shaped into a variety of rawhide styles. To make them more appealing to dogs (and to us), rawhide chews are often coated or painted with artificial flavouring and colours.

Does this sound like something that you want to feed your dog?

The Danger of Rawhide?

If the variety of chemicals used to make rawhide chews isn’t scary enough for you, we have yet to even touch on the number one reason that rawhides could be dangerous for your dog: intestinal blockages.

A blockage is life-threatening and will require expensive surgery to clear. In some cases, the blockage is caught too late, or the surgery is too risky for the blockage to be fixed in time

Of course, many dogs have been eating rawhide without issue for their whole lives. When properly chewed, a dog with good digestion will likely not have any major problems from eating rawhide chews, but why take the risk?

Local Stockists

Unfortunately, these products are still being promoted and sold by local chain stores like:

Pick and pay

Safe Pets Elite’s Alternatives

he following substances are NOT used in its production process:

– Arsenic
– Mercury
– Lead
– Sodium sulphide lime
– Chromium
– Formaldehyde
– Artificial glue used to form shape
– Salts
– Colour enhancers

It might not be as hard as similar conventional products but it is easily digestible therefore virtually 0% risk of digestive blockages.

Pets Elite’s natural hide is produced from pork hide.

They have strict quality measures in place which are continuously updated with the feedback we’ve received in the past and especially with the help of customers. When it comes to the production of their products, Pets Elite has and also going forth refrained from using harmful chemicals to preserve our products.

Alternatives List

1) Pets Elite Natural Hide Dog Treat

The Pets Elite Natural Hide Dog Treat is a hard, long lasting chew – chemical free.

Key benefits:

  • Ideal for hours of chewing pleasure
  • Produced locally using only the best quality ingredients
  • Contains no artificial flavourants or colourants.
  • High in protein
  • Good for dental health


2) Pets Elite Peanut Natural Hide Koeksister

A hard, long lasting chew plaited into a koeksister- chemical free

Natural hide, the healthy alternative

Pets Elite is the healthy and natural alternative to keeping your best friend happy, healthy and thriving. 


3) Pets Elite Peanut Butter Brittle Bites Dog Treat


The Pet’s Elite Peanut Brittle is a 100% meat product with tasty peanuts to keep your pup happy.

It is purely made from natural hide raw material, which is rich in collagen.
It promotes healthy skin, fur, nails and joints.


4) Pets Elite Sausage Rolls


he treat features a Dry Sausage centre which makes for the perfect snack or treat. The Pet Elite’s range of treats and nibbles are high in protein, made from all natural ingredients, and are grain- and wheat-free.

The entire range of treats are produced locally using only the best quality ingredients that contain no artificial flavourants or colourants.

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