#TailsOnTrailsZA Introduction

South Africa is a destination area for adventure lovers: With trails, beaches, and parks available all around the country. With this comes flagrant faeces and humans that are reluctant to remove what they brought onto the path – not being mindful of the phrase “Take only pictures, leave only footprints”.
Sanparks has received complaints, petitions, and demands to remove dogs from being allowed on the mountains and beaches because of the incompetence and disrespect of people.

Hiking groups on Facebook are filled with negativity about dogs rather than the beauty and happiness that can be had with dogs legally enjoying the trails.
@ImJustCyril on Instagram was started because we wanted Cyril to spread joy and happiness to other people within the madness and negativity that comes with this world. We successfully have made many people laugh – and roll their eyes – with our puns, while adventuring all around South Africa on different trails, beaches, and campsites.

When finding out that the poo situation is only getting worse, we decided to take a stand – using Cyril’s account to do good!
THIS IS THE CAMPAIGN that can only bring positivity and WE WANT TO CHALLENGE YOU!

Pick up your dog’s turd and even one extra landmine on your adventure and post it on your story/post on Instagram, HASH TAGGING #TailsOnTrailsZA : firstly create awareness and to PREVENT LOSING our precious tails from walking on our trails.

Our TAILS ON TRAILS blog will illustrate our puns and trail discoveries as we #CleanUpOurTrails as well as share pictures of all your beautiful accounts that get involved in our campaign to create awareness! LET’S KEEP OUR TAILS ON THE TRAILS