Chapman’s Peak Trail

Chapmans Peak Trail

Tantalizing views with route options for the intermediate or experienced trail lovers. What better description do you need for a hike up an iconic mountain?

The Ascend

Before the trail begins, the drive alone on the renowned Chapmans peak pass gets the butterflies going to prepare you for the 2–6-hour hike. 

There is a clear sign showing the start of the Chapmans peak trail at the main parking, which is found by the ‘Day pass point”. 

A Large garbage bin is also in the parking to be used for dog and human refuse before and after the hike. #TakePhotosLeaveOnlyFootprints. Respect our trails so it is as beautiful as you found it for the next person. 

The trail starts as an immediate steep incline for 30-45 min on well-maintained steps. The path zip-zags to the first vantage point to get a taste of what to expect for the rest of the trail.

The views from start to finish are breath-taking with 360-degree angles of ocean and lush vegetation.

Trail Options

Once you reach the pile of boulders you will decide which route you will tackle for the day: 

  • The far-left trail is the longest trail – a personal favourite – that can go all the way to the Noordhoek peak.
  • The straight path will lead you to an upper peak with a photo worthy view of Hout bay and Long beach but beware to plan your route carefully (we use map.me or Strava) as you can take a wrong turn which can lead you to snake breeding grounds or private property, as well as an additional hour to your hike. (This trail is also not as dog friendly as the others with larger scrambling points) 
  • Lastly the right trail leads you on a gradual intermediate walk for picturesque long beach views. 

All the trails mentioned above do not have water and there is little shade to seek cover so start the hike early or have a short trail in the late afternoon. 

Important items to pack

  1. Be conscious of your animals and have 2 Litres Per person/ Per Dog for every 2-hour hike.
  2. The Collapsible water bowl from Ruffwear  is recommended to re-quench the dogs is a great essential: It packs small, its durable and can hold a decent amount of water for the larger dogs.
  3. High value treats for a boost of energy for you and your animals – Yap Natural sardines & the Yap! Treats Tuna Mini Yapsnax for dogs
  4. a Nut based bar or dried fruit for humans.
  5. A medical aid kit and emergency numbers 
  6. A wind breaker, proper walking shoes, hat and suncream. 
  7. Earth Rated Poo bags please do not stick and flick or hope that someone behind will pick up after you! LETS KEEP OUR TRAILS CLEAN AND BEAUTIFUL.

Chapmans Peak by Numbers

2-6 Hours

Hike Duration


Entry Cost


Cyril Approved Rating


Human Rating


Hike Difficulty

Need to know

  • Weekdays may be best to have parking available in the small car park. 
  • There is no water up there – Plan your trip well and be conscious of dehydration. 
  • Use a good map that does not require signal to plan your trip before execution.

5 thoughts on “Chapman’s Peak Trail

  1. Misty Moo says:

    Very informative! If we ever get down to the Cape for a nice holiday I so wanna do these trails with Misty. Always see so many beautiful pics from people on hikes.

    And so agree to pick up after our pups! It’s not that hard to do. They deserve to be out there enjoying themselves so let’s keep it that way and pick it up!!

    1. Love your feedback, thank you for taking the time to read our first ever blog.

      We hope we can convince you to get your tails down here to experience a few. We also have a plan to include a few trails outside of our province.

      As long as we can make a small difference in our community… we are happy.

  2. Chloé Pretorius says:

    What a helpful overview of these trails! Also very practical tips of what to pack! (Love the idea of using a map and not leaving things up to chance!)
    Only wish we were in the Western Cape to go explore these hikes! Hopefully someday in the future we have the opportunity to do so! Looking forward to the following blog posts! Great job on this campaign!

    With love from Market Dog, Johannesburg

    1. Thank you for taking the time to give your feedback Chlo and Fen!
      We are so happy you liked the read and it gave you a little FOMO.. we hope to get a few trail blogs done by a special Joburg doggo in the near future, but we will have to see how lucky we are 😉

  3. Lauren Hoard says:

    Would love to do one of these trails with you one day Cyril. We certainly wouldn’t want to end up near the snake breeding grounds of this route- eek! x Shumba (@shumbi.bumbi)

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