Kloof Nek Corner Loop

Kloof Nek Corner Loop

This trail could be one of our top-rated loops we have ever done. The trail has endless views of the city bowl, ending with counting the 12 Apostles against the crystal blue ocean backdrop.

Your next hike is right around the CORNER!

This trail is an intermediate hike, boasting stunning City bowl, Table Mountain, and fauna views. The trail is dry in summer but, has a waterfall feature on the route in Winter. We advise for this hike to be done in the morning and/or on a cool day as it gets very warm for you and your pets.

To make the Kloof corner loop an around-about hike, we park by the Kloof nek corner trail parking but – instead of walking straight up kloof nek corner – walk down to start our adventure via the Table Mountain Bikers starting point. (as labelled on the map)

The first 20-30 minutes of the trail is gradual and will eventually lead up to a road crossing, the rule of thumb to reach this point is keeping right (with regards to routes splitting).

Once reaching the Tafelberg road – keeping your dog on lead – turn left and walk down the road, (away from the cable cars) and cross the road when you see the Platterklip Gorge Starting Point. This is where the trail becomes more challenging with rock-based steps and a steeper incline lasting 30-40min.

The trail levels out after this which is where, in winter a small waterfall can be found that one walks under to continue the hike to the Kloof Corner. 

Keep on the track, again keeping the rule of thumb – keep right – in mind to reach The Kloof corner in where you can sit and soak in the real beauty of Cape Town. 

The trail becomes narrower on route to the viewpoint and there are steep drops, so keep a close eye on your dogs and please be mindful of people passing you. Your dog can become a danger to passing hikers. We want our tails to stay on the trails with #TailsOnTrailsZA, so be respectful that others may not like animals, as well as what they leave behind. 

Long story short: Leash your dog when passing and pick up your dogs’ poop. (There are many ways to deal with turd smells and carrying your dog’s mess until finding a bin, so NO EXCUSES) 

The kloof nek path down is an open well-maintained step based decent to the kloof nek parking lot. 

Important items to pack

  1. Be conscious of your animals and have 2 Litres Per person/ Per Dog for every 2-hour hike in the summer months. The winter months allow for waterfalls and areas that hold water for dogs to take a drink so you can allow for less then
  2. A high value treats for a boost of energy for you and your animal
    –  Orijen Free-Run Duck Freeze Dry Dog Treats
    – a Nut based bar or dried fruit for humans.
  3. We use the collapsible  on the road water bowl from M-Pets to re-quench the dogs: It packs small, its durable and can hold a decent amount of water for the larger dogs.
  4. A medical aid kit and emergency numbers
  5. A wind breaker, proper walking shoes, hat and suncream. 
  6. Poo bags! please do not stick and flick or hope that someone behind will pick up after you, we use @Earthrated biodegradable, scented poo bags and they really do help mask the smell until a bin is found. The @earthrated pod also has a hook which you can latch your knotted parcel to. 

Kloof Nek Corner Loop By Numbers

1.5-2.5 Hours

Hike Duration


Entry Cost


Cyril Approved Rating


Human Rating


Hike Difficulty

Need to know

  • Going straight up Kloof Corner trail is a popular route and why we prefer the loop (less people to pass) but Weekends may be full by where you stop and break at the Kloof Corner ridge. 
  • There is no water up there in summer – Plan your trip well and be conscious of dehydration.
  • Winter months bring water for dogs so the trail experience may be completely different. 
  • Use a good map that does not require signal to plan your trip before execution.
  • The Kloof corner is popular over weekends

3 thoughts on “Kloof Nek Corner Loop

  1. zara_and_aston says:

    We’re having some serious FOMO reading this post! Hopefully we’ll be able to visit the Cape sometime and your blog posts will definitely be our hiking travel guide. Thank you for the tips, they’re super useful and will keep them in mind for our next hike. We’re definitely big supporters of the #TailsOnTrailsZA campaign 🙌🏻 Much love, zara_and_aston 🐾

  2. Wow! This one looks amazing too. I think by the time you’ve done all your trail reviews I’ll need to book like a month visit to the Cape to try all of them. Won’t even know where to begin! And thanks for the tips on some of the hiking essentials you guys use. Misty and I usually do trail runs so no more than a 6km for her – so when I take her on a proper home we will need to kit out proper! Keep up the good work guys 🐾

  3. Malfoy and his Muggles says:

    Definitely going to give this one a shot! Thanks for all the details and planning tips 🙂

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