Devilliers Dam Hiking Trail

Devilliers Dam Hiking Trail

The only technicality of this trail is that it is technically beautiful with views from beginning to finish.

DAM! This hike comes with beautiful with views from beginning to finish. 

This trail is an intermediate hike and a preferred route, with regards to more shade and water spots to cool off the dogs. Ultimately there are 2 common routes up to Devilliers dam. 

  1. Constantia Nek straight up the jeep track
  2. Cecilia Forest trail, linking back to the Constantia Jeep track. 

En-route to the dam the hike shows off Constantia winelands views and Table Mountain flora.

On this adventure we parked at Cecilia Forest Car Park, which is situated between Kirstenbosch Gardens and Constantia nek. The parking lot has a security hut but is a small parking area so weekends can become full.

If one has done the Cecelia forest waterfall hike, this trail will be easy to navigate, otherwise we recommend Map.Me, which is an application that one can use to plan their route clearly and still navigate offline if signal on the route is poor. 

From the parking lot follow the dirt road (keeping right on the trail to avoid going into private property) which will lead you to the first watering hole. Here there is a ‘four-way’ split of trails, walk up the step-based path – keeping the stream to your right.

The next path opening will have a ‘five-way’ split in the path; walk up the stepped path straight ahead. The path continues with the same step-type terrain to the 3rd and final path opening, again with a ‘four-way’ split in the trail. For the last and final time, follow the maintained stepped trail; this is when the trail becomes more of a leg burner as the incline becomes steeper.  Remember to take a minute to breath and soak in all the forestry around you. (Ie catch your breath from the steeper inline) 

Follow the single trail up (Approximately 45min) until the sharp left turn (These steps are steep but well-maintained as a clue to the correct turn); keeping right on this path till the trail leads you back onto the Constantia jeep track.

You will conclude the incline part of the hike with a steady walk up to the dam. (Keep on the paved jeep track, passing the steel bridge and onto the Dam that will be found on the left of the Plateau. 

SANpark has stated swimming is prohibited in this dam but the dogs have never been warned for taking a quick dip. We have also spotted some risk takers going for a paddle, it is so great to see fellow hikers enjoying every bit of the trails as much as we do. Just remember… “Leave footprints and only take photos.”

Important items to pack

  1. Be conscious of your animals and have 2 Litres Per person/ Per Dog for every 2-hour hike.
  2. We use the All-Terrain booties from Ruffwear to protect dog paws from hot surfaces and tough terrain. It is so important to protect your dogs paws on hikes as you don’t want to have to carry them down. 
  3. or a spoil we pack in some delicious From The Barkery biscuits for that special prize waiting at the peak and a Nut based bar or dried fruit for humans.
  4. A medical aid kit and emergency numbers 
  5. A wind breaker, proper walking shoes, hat and suncream. 
  6. Poo bags! please do not stick and flick or hope that someone behind will pick up after you. LETS KEEP OUR TRAILS CLEAN AND BEAUTIFUL. 

Devilliers Dam Hiking Trail By Numbers

2-4 Hours

Hike Duration


Entry Cost


Cyril Approved Rating


Human Rating


Hike Difficulty

Need to know

  • Weekdays may be best to have parking available in the small car park. 
  • There is water on this trail and water at the dam but plan your trip well and be conscious of dehydration. 
  • Use a good map that does not require signal to plan your trip before execution.

5 thoughts on “Devilliers Dam Hiking Trail

  1. Ivy the Doberman says:

    This sounds like such a brilliant hike! I wish we lived closer…

    1. Ashleigh Mills says:

      We will hopefully get some Joburg and durbanites to give us a few adventure spots soon 😍🌻

  2. Kygo Dawood says:

    Nice blog! 🙂 We love this hike too and being a water baby the stops along the route to take a dip are welcomed. My mom loves looking for birds that she can recognize from her book, particularly buzzards, Cape Sugarbirds or even an eagle and she loves the different varieties of Proteas.

    1. Ashleigh Mills says:

      Thank you so much. That means a lot coming from you.
      The flower and bird life is absolutely incredible and one of my favourite parts of the mountain too. So much to offer, got to say finding the snow protea is on the list

  3. Malfoy and his Muggles says:

    This blog is so useful! I have learnt so much and look forward to using these tips on some new trails.

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